The idea has become the institution, boys. Time to move along!


cflogoeyeIt’s time to hang it up. Dedicated websites like this are becoming dinosaurs thanks to other websites like Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Blogspot, WordPress, etc. The unique items that existed on and The Crow’s Loft, which set those sites apart from other Crow sites are no longer relevant.

It’s also hard to justify the expense of hosting every year. Yes I got a commission from stuff you guys and my own mother bought off amazon, but even those checks are coming few and far between.  It’s also a matter of time before Amazon shuts off their commission program as well due to tax changes in several states.

I’ll keep the domain names for another couple years in case I change my mind or someone convinces me to change my mind.

You can follow me on Twitter – @TheCrowTV ,  I can be emailed as well.

Thanks for everything!